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Welcome to the Home of International Falls Hockey

Election Results

Being seated in May, for a 3-year term, congratulations to our new board members:

Bradyn Dremmel, Josh Glashauckas, Leif Larson & Brent Olson.  

2023 Raffle Winners

Board Candidates

Leif Larsen

My name is Leif Larsen. I am a lifelong resident of Int'l Falls and grew up playing hockey in the recreation program. I have a son who just completed his first year of mighty mites. I had the pleasure of helping coach the mighty mites this past year; what a rewarding experience it was to work with the kids and get to know the other outstanding coaches and parents. 

Having followed the recreation program rather closely this year I feel it has great momentum at all levels. I attribute much of this success to strong leadership from the board to the coaches and of course from the dedicated parents. 

I have extensive experience serving on various boards in the community as well as within my own professional career. As a longtime business owner, I understand how to manage finances, vet important issues, articulate a board position and most importantly help mentor others, especially the young people we are working on behalf of to benefit. 

Please consider my candidacy sincere and know that I will always help make decisions that are in the best interests of the recreation hockey program as a whole and not for any individuals or special interests.

Thank you for your kind consideration, 

Leif Larsen 

Bradyn Dremmel

My name is Bradyn Dremmel. I am a Falls High Graduate of 2020. I played in the youth system from termites all the way to Bantams. I played 3 years on the high school team and was a captain my senior year. Since then, I have been giving back by skating with the bantam and peewee groups since I have finished playing hockey.  I have given everything I have into this program from the day I first stepped onto the ice to today. I am hard working, dedicated, and driven in everything I do. 

This past year I have been honored to have a seat on the board. I feel this program has taken many strides in the last year. I hope to continue to build off that success in the coming years! 

Bronco Hockey is in my blood and always will be. This program has shaped me into who I am today, and I take so much pride in this program. I am fully invested in putting this program back on the map. I want to be a part of a board who brings back a winning culture to our community. You will not find someone that has more pride and dedication to the program than myself. 

I feel that I am a very strong candidate for a board position being a non-parent. I do not take one kid, or one groups needs over the whole program. I take into consideration every child equally when making a decision that affects the entire program.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer. Please reach out to me at 218-324-3176

Thank you for considering me,

Bradyn Dremmel

Josh Glashauckas

My name is Josh Glashauckas and I am running for the Rec Hockey Board. Most of the hockey families know me from the endless hours we spend together at the rink or just passing through as one practice starts or another ends, and others may know me from coaching baseball or captaining for the Bronco bass fishing team during the summer. I have had the opportunity to get to know many families at each level and watch the kids play some good, fun hockey.  Watching these kids grow and develop over the years shows that this program has a very bright future.

This year, along with serving on the Rec Hockey Board, I had the pleasure of coaching the Mighty Mites. Both experiences have been nothing short of energetic and fulfilling. I believe the kids had a great year while having fun and developing along the way. As role models for these kids, I feel we learn more from them then they could ever imagine and that it is rewarding.

As with many other parents, coaches, and board members I may not have all the answers, but I believe I can continue to bring another perspective to the conversation that may help continue to guide the program into the future.  I plan to continue to serve as a sounding board for the Parents but more importantly as an advocate for the kids.

So, when the question is asked, why are you running for the Rec Hockey Board; the answer is simple, I am running to lend a helping hand, bring ideas to the table, and most importantly to support our future Broncos!

Tawna Hilfer

Hello- My name is Tawna Hilfer.  I am originally from South St. Paul, MN and grew up around hockey, but my early background of skating comes from playing Ringette in 7th thru 12th grade.  Ringette was a club sport until my senior year when it became a varsity sport.  Two years after I graduated, girl’s hockey took over at the high school level.  I skated on the USA National Ringette team in 1994 and in 1999 joined a women’s hockey team through the WHAM program (Women’s Hockey Association of Minnesota) out of the cities that I still play on today.  I have been skating with the same team since 2002.  I hope to continue playing women’s hockey for many years to come.  My insight for youth hockey is to keep our program at a level where we focus on hockey as a game where players are accountable to not only themselves but also their teammates and coaches.  Adapting to different playing styles and different coaching styles is a life lesson that applies to many situations outside of hockey.  I strongly believe hockey teaches life lessons such as discipline, respect, teamwork, communication, and humility.  My motto is to learn a little hockey, play a little hockey and to always have fun. 

 I moved to International Falls in 2006 and in 2018 my daughter started skating in the mini mite Rec Hockey program.  I have been an on-ice helper for the past few years, helping develop the mighty-mite, 8u, 10u and 12u teams.   This past season it was my pleasure to be more involved with the girl’s hockey program in Intl Falls.  Watching these players become stronger skaters, building up their confidence, and learning the game of hockey has been very rewarding.  I will continue to advocate for girl’s hockey, creating pathways for girls to not only join the sport, but to continue playing each season. 

As a board member I would explore all options and promote the most productive ideas.   I understand how having good communication and a positive attitude can play a big role in developing a strong, successful hockey program.  I believe in working together to create a positive atmosphere for all players and parents.  I am willing to listen, to learn, to be fair and transparent.  Leadership is never about tearing people down, it’s all about helping people become the very best version of themselves.  I would be honored to serve on the IFalls Rec Hockey Board to continue to help make the program a success for all players.  
Thank you for your consideration.
Tawna Hilfer

Paul Shannon

My name is Paul Shannon. I have a child in the program and I have been a coach for the past 2 seasons, coaching the 10 and 12u girls teams. I am running for a board seat because I want to be more involved in growing the hockey program in our community, help instill the joy and passion that everyone involved in the program has for hockey in our youth and helping our children grow as hockey players and people, on and off the ice, ensuring they have every opportunity to do that is the driving force behind my decision to run for a seat on the board.
Hockey is a fantastic sport, it teaches more than how to play a game, hockey teaches lessons like teamwork, accountability, dedication and many more that will last a lifetime. 

Our program is dedicated to giving the children of our community every opportunity to prosper as players and young people in society, and I want to help ensure the kids continue to have those opportunities if elected to the board.

Thank you,
Paul Shannon

Brent Olson

I grew up playing hockey in the Duluth East program from the age of 4 through my high school career. I also played for various AAA and select teams my whole life.I'm still actively involved in our community through various hockey events for example Kerry park tourney, Wednesday night league and three on three league. I have a serious passion for hockey and if elected I hope to extend my passion to the kids of International Falls program. Hopefully some day soon, I hope to get my two children mack and Ellie involved.

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