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New Players Information

New Player Information




All players must register in USA Hockey (click on highlighted link) to be able to play IFalls Rec Hockey. There is a fee of $50 once your child reaches a certain age(usually not until they enter into Mighy Mites) You will also need to register with Int'l Falls Rec Hockey (you can do this online). First year players fee is $100 and the fee goes up for each level. Also, first year players need to bring a court house certified Birth Certificate. The Hospital certificates are not accepted.



First year players are loaned equipment at no charge to use their first years. Equipment includes: breezers, shin/knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, gloves and game jersey.

Each new player is responsible for obtaining skates, a stick, mouth guard, hockey socks and protective cup. (Hockey skates you can lease at the Sport Shop here in town as well as buy any of the listed equipment you are responsible for)



International Falls Rec Hockey requires a minimum number of hours for families of players to work the concession stand.  The requirements are as follows:  Mini Mite - 8 hours Mighty Mite thru Bantams - 12 hours

There is a maximum of 24 hours per family.  Unworked hours will cost you $25 per hour.   We will require a post dated check for the concessions hours amount due to be collected at a group meeting prior to the season starting.  The check will be returned once the hours are completed. 

You may also volunteer as a coach or a manager, ect... Just ask a board member.


Practice Schedules

Schedules for practices will be posted on the website the Thursday before the following week. Games will be posted at the beginning of the season. The manager will keep you up dated on changes to your game schedules. Download the SportEngine app on your phone for game schedules and practice schedules. 



You will receive a book of raffle tickets that you will be required to sell by the deadline, (which is usually in February).