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10,000 Shot Club

By IFRH, 03/05/18, 4:45PM CST


10,000 Shot Club

  Achieve the most, do your best!

Good luck in your efforts to qualify for the 10,000 Shot Club. You can do it! You can improve your scoring potential and your overall game by practicing throughout the summer months.

                         "You miss 100% of the shots you dont take."

                                         - Wayne Gretzky

2019 10,000 Shot Club Members

Andrew Eide, Jasper Goulet

Carson Crandall, Cooper Crandall & Emma Erickson


2018 10,000 Shot Club Members

Carson Crandall, Cooper Crandall, Asher Keep, 

 Keaton Maish, Julius Maish, 

Jackson Reiners & Lachlan Reiners